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Does the school district impact the price of the house

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Does The School District Impact The Price Of The House

Many people wonder if the school districts in which houses are located impact the price buyers pay for the property. The answer is a resounding 'Yes'. Homes located in the best school districts sell for more than similar homes located in less-popular school districts. High demand for homes in good school districts means good schools increase the value of the homes in the communities in which they are located. Half the people in the market for homes say they are willing to go over their intended budget in order for their children to go to the best schools. How Important Is School District When Buying A Home? In a recent survey of 1,000 home buyers, 91% of them said the school districts in which a home is located is very important. Many take school-boundary maps when house hunting and only look at homes in their preferred school districts. About 20% of them say they will buy home without a garage or with one less bedroom for their child to be in close proximity to the best school possible. Some would buy a smaller home or pay as much as 20% more than the appraised value of a home if it puts their child in a district with the best schools. How Do Property Values Affect School Funding? Money for school funding comes from property taxes. In school districts with homes with high property values, larger amounts of property taxes are collected than in areas with low property values. Comparing two communities in Chicago show how property values can affect school funding. The school on Chicago's south side where property values are low spends $9,794 a year on each child. The school located in an affluent community on the north side of Chicago that has high property values spends $28,639 a year on each child because of the huge amount of money collected in property tax. Why Is A Good School District Important? In poor to moderate school districts, between 29% and 60% of students go on to 4-year colleges. In good school districts, between 80% and 97% of students go on to attend a 4-year college. In public schools in good school districts the kids do work that's more academically challenging, AP and college prep courses are offered, there are programs for gifted and talented students and the average SAT scores are higher. Plus, there's more music, sports and other extracurricular activities and community involvement. Kids with a solid educational foundation have a better chance of being successful as adults. Do Schools Affect Property Values Good schools can have a significant affect on property values. In some instances buyers pay as much as $50,000 to $100,000 more for homes located near good schools. In places in Massachusetts' Metrowest region, Hopkinton, Southborough and Westborough are called 'destination towns' because of their excellent school systems. Homebuyers willingly pay tens of thousands more for home in those cities to make sure their children get a good public school education. Quality schools increase property values for homeowners who don't have school age children. Some real estate investors look for good schools close to their properties because those properties better weather slumps in the home market. Will A New School Increase Property Value Having new schools built in your community can make your property more desirable and valuable. New schools with the latest educational technology and facilities can provide the children in that community with a better education. This will increase the value of the homes in close proximity to it. Excellent schools help insulate homes nearby from real estate market fluctuations. Plus, new schools create increased interest from families with children and investors and drive up property values in the area. Building new schools in a community increases the home value of every property. Property Values Near Schools Research done by Duke University over 20 years shows property values increase by about $.52 per square foot every time the test scores at nearby schools increase by 1%. When test score in suburban schools increase by 5%, the value of homes in the communities in which they are located increase by about 2.5%. People selling homes near good schools can command more than the market price because of the increasing demand for homes in good school districts. For every dollar invested in schools, the value of homes in that community increases by $20. Property values are higher for homes near public or private schools. Public Schools And Property Values Strong public schools can play a major role in creating very strong communities as well as increasing home values. Whether you are buying homes or selling a home, do some research on the positive things going on in the neighborhood schools. Gathering data on the things that make your local elementary, middle and high schools have a positive influence the property values in the community can let you know if the home is worth a premium price. If the local schools have won awards, students consistently do well on standardized testing and have high levels of parental involvement, the property values in the area will be high and continue to rise. School Quality, Neighborhoods And Housing Prices There's a positive correlation between school performance and house prices. Parents are often willing to pay higher house prices so their children can attend better schools. Things like higher standardized test scores, more per-pupil expenditure and low pupil-teacher ratios do enhance school quality and impact housing prices. That is a positive correlation that attracts parents to certain neighborhoods. Both individual school and district-wide educational quality affects the value of homes in a community. Parents look at per pupil expenditure, high standardized test scores and other factors when deciding if school quality and neighborhood composition is worth higher home prices. Factors Influencing Student Educational Success There are a number of factors that make up a quality educational experience for a child and influences whether they will have good education outcomes. The innate intelligence of the child, an enriching educational environment, parental engagement, high quality extracurricular activities and the amount of money invested in each child at a school all play a role. The National Bureau of Economic Research points out that there is a definite relationship between school expenditures, student success and the values of the homes in the community in which the child lives. Good school performance, quality homes and supportive parents all influence student educational success. How Much Is A Good School District Worth The Brookings Institution conducted a nationwide study of home values in 100 of the biggest metropolitan areas across the United States. The study revealed in areas where there were high-scoring schools, property values were much higher compared to schools with low performance numbers. They found the difference in property values between the two types of communities averaged $205,000. One real estate investment study that gave schools one to five stars based on test scores, student-teacher ratios and many other factors found home values near 4 and 5-star rated schools held their value even during a recession. How Important Are School Ratings When Buying A House? School ratings directly affect the home values in an area. In good school districts, home buyers pay more for the properties. Plus, children raised in good school districts get a better educational foundation, have access to better extracurricular activities and tend to have better long term career prospects. School rating are also an important determinant of whether to value of the homes in the area around it will consistently increase in value and hold their value in times of economic turbulence. Research shows a high school rating can help to predict whether or not buying a home in a particular area is a good long-term investment. What Is The Connection Between Home Prices And School Quality? Numerous studies have shown there's a connection between home prices and the quality of the schools in a community. Schools in communities with high home values tend to offer a higher quality education for a number of reasons. Higher property values means more property tax dollars to invest in resources for the local schools. School quality also is better in areas with high home prices because there tends to be much more parental involvement in the schools. Show studies show administrators in schools in areas with high property values tend to manage school resources more efficiently and effectively. Good Schools Affect Your Home Value Whether people are buying homes or selling homes, it is clear that if the property is in an area that has good schools it will have a positive impact on the home value. When people who are selling homes want to make sure they get as much money as possible for the property, they should highlight the fact it's in an area that has good schools. Families and investors who are buying homes must understand homes in the better school districts will cost more because they are highly desirable, in great demand and tend to steadily increase in value.

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