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Best Places to Live in Brooklyn

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Thinking of relocating to NYC, and maybe the Brooklyn area? You'll find there are several great neighborhoods to call home in this region of the Big Apple.

Most New Yorkers as well as even non-New Yorkers realize that every taste can be accommodated in a Brooklyn neighborhood. This flexible borough has just about everything to offer from residential zones to voguish districts, great, food, parks, scenery, landmarks, sporting events, and quality public and private schools.

Once you hone in on the perfect place to live, there are hundreds of activities and things to do and see enjoy in Brooklyn.

If you're looking for the best Brooklyn neighborhood to call home, this list below of its many beloved Brooklyn neighborhoods explores what makes each one so unique you'll want to move sooner than later.

When deciding on where you want to explore, use this list to start your house-hunting journey, and be sure to consider hiring a professional real estate agent to show you the properties. A qualified Realtor should know all the areas on your list as well as the communities, what they offer, the pros, cons, and everything else in between. He/she should be able to answer all your questions about the communities, buying a home, the process of home buying, how to get a mortgage, and anything else associated with purchasing a home in the Brooklyn region.


The L Train in Manhattan takes you right to Williamsburg, Brooklyn — an area that boasts a vibrant cultural and artistic legacy despite its large density of people. Here you will find a fusion of apartments and homes with million-dollar prices, as well as small bodegas, trendy restaurants, and trendy cafes as well as high-end galleries surrounded by factories. Moreover, being near places like Greenpoint and Bushwick makes it all the more appealing to those looking for a great Brooklyn area to relocate to. This upbeat and affluent neighborhood is widely considered to be one of the best areas to reside in Brooklyn — granting you privileged access to its sophistication and style that will make your friends overwhelmingly envious for many years ahead. This is surely a place you can find yourself living with your family, significant other, or even alone for a long time.

Carroll Gardens

If an old-fashioned display of a vibrant neighborhood is what you want the core of "Brownstone Brooklyn," in Carroll Gardens comprises a mix of traditional and modern architectural designs, award-winning restaurants, stylish shops, cocktail bars, coffee shops, and yoga studios. Carroll Gardens is now deemed one of the top districts in Brooklyn to live for modern families and young experts; its subway stations F and G make it sufficiently close to Manhattan for easy commuting. If you like the atmosphere of Carroll Gardens, take time to explore Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill — neighborhoods in Cobble Hill and Boerum that share the same aura (and cost) as BoCoCa — a word usually used when referring to all three places together. You can't go wrong if you opt to live in Carroll Gardens since it offers so much and then some.

Bay Ridge

Is it possible to find an area in Brooklyn that has numerous long-term family residences, manageable water access, and a range of people from Irish, Norwegian, Greek, Italian, and Middle Eastern backgrounds? If this is what you're looking for in a vibrant neighborhood, Bay Ridge Brooklyn is perfect for you! It is the terminal train stop on Route R which was where Tony Manero (John Travolta) lived in the film "Saturday Night Fever." These days Bay Ridge offers a small-town feel and puts a priority on averting extensive development and maintains its unique community with not many industrial buildings more than several stories tall. This area has earned its fame as an outstanding place to purchase classic single or multi-family properties — and it offers a place rich with generational roots while raising a family. Even though this region is further away from Manhattan it's situated on the south side of Brooklyn, and transportation services have improved recently due to the ability to cut down on commute time via the South Brooklyn NYC ferry route along with Line R such as a one-hour trip into midtown Manhattan when needed. There are more rapid bus lines available in Bay Ridge than in most other areas in Brooklyn making it easy to get around to wherever you need to go from Downtown Brooklyn to the other side of town

Prospect Heights

Situated between popular spots like the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Prospect Heights is established as a moderately priced, middle-class area in Brooklyn. This beautiful neghbrohhs takes pride in its convenient transportation access and relaxed youthful atmosphere. It's essential to recognize that this district is currently in the midst of tremendous progress due to the $4.9 billion Pacific Park Brooklyn construction venture — complete with all related traffic — which will be complete by 2025. Moreover, Prospect Heights has proximity to Prospect Park ("Brooklyn's leading park"), one of the beautiful parks here, and downtown Barclays Center where you can watch hockey games played by The New Jersey Nets or The New York Islanders. Furthermore, there are countless eateries and shops around every corner and there's a casual vibe. Though this region is undergoing substantial changes right now, it's still regarded by many as one of the best areas in all of Brooklyn. Local trains commonly running through this district consist of B, C, or Q lines.

Brooklyn Heights

A list of the most desirable districts with a sense of community in Brooklyn would be unfulfilled without including Brooklyn Heights. Just positioned beyond the East River from, Downtown Manhattan, the Brooklyn Heights region is tasteful, attractive, and an expensive neighborhood with plenty of affluent residents. As the first area enclosed by New York City's Preservation Law of 1965, Brooklyn Heights has kept its cobblestone pathways adorned with flawlessly renovated rowhouses and several low-elevation buildings. Brooklyn Heights is a beautiful neighborhood that has an exclusive and iconic waterfront boardwalk that fascinates hundreds of people daily who come to the spot to stroll, read and relish in terrific sights. Normally, prices are somewhat more expensive here; however, middle-class city citizens linger by to grab a meal. Vacationers also can get to multiple attractions such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Down Below Manhattan Bridge Overpass zones plus a short walking distance to Carroll Gardens stores, artisanal shops, nice cafes, fun eateries, and chic restaurants. In addition, several extended subway lines such as 5, C, and R are within easy reach, too.

Downtown Brooklyn

Considered one of the most important central business districts in the Big Apple, Downtown Brooklyn, can be described as its creature. Although the Downtown Brooklyn area is famed for commerce, it also holds plenty of places to soak up the New York culture. While here you can easily indulge in famous landmarks with spectacular views while sipping a big cup of coffee or trying some age-old whiskey at a distillery.

Park Slope

Park Slope in Brooklyn is known for being a desirable residential neighborhood. It surrounds the northwestern edge of Prospect Park and is home to many museums, pretty gardens, amazing tree-lined streets, sought-after green spaces, nice townhouses, and much more. Streets in Park Slope usually have rows of historic brownstones, while closer to Prospect Park is the Victorian mansions built in the 1880s that overlook it.

To provide an outdoor space for all New Yorkers, the city decided to keep and maintain Prospect Park. Shortly after, developers built iconic Park Slope brownstone buildings throughout the area that are highly sought after.

Nowadays, Park Slope is one of Brooklyn's most desirable neighborhoods for New Yorkers. Tech workers, parents, singles, and other city dwellers live peacefully in this affordable neighborhood.

If you're looking to invest in real estate near Prospect Park's greenspace, 5th and 7th Avenue have many restaurants, small stores, and great bakeries running along them from north to south.

Bedford Stuyvesant

Bedford Stuyvesant, located east of Clinton Hill and north of Prospect Heights, has had an African American presence since the 1930s.

Today, when inspecting Victorian brownstones and apartment buildings built before the 1900s, one is likely to see old features such as those along the outside edges of the buildings still in place in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn known as Bedford Stuyvesant.

Technology workers, locals, and all kinds of people living in Bedford-Stuyvesant can attest to its welcoming atmosphere. Those visiting Bedford Stuyvesant should take a stroll down Bedford Avenue and grab a soda or water at one of the many dive bars, or coffee shops, or have lunch at an eatery.


Sitting between Bedford Stuyvesant and East Williamsburg, Bushwick became an increasingly popular neighborhood among those who wanted to live close to but not in Williamsburg, because of its historic working-class nature.

Those considering buying a house or detached home in this rapidly-growing area of Brooklyn known as Bushwick have ample chance to purchase one of the historic buildings in the area. Alternatively, those with more modern needs can find terrific boutiques, classy condos, and much more in one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

When visitors attend open houses in Bushwick, they should be sure to take a stroll through Maria Hernandez Park, as well as check out all the cafes and eateries on Knickerbocker Avenue.

Big But Welcoming

Although Brooklyn is a huge borough of New York, it is not considered a city despite what many people may think. Nevertheless, if you're planning to make this place your future home, you'll be able to enjoy its historic neighborhoods as well as find fun places to visit and spend time.

Everyone has individual thoughts about the most outstanding regions to reside in Brooklyn since most have their unique demands and wishes.

So, if you're looking to live in Brooklyn, do research thoroughly, decide on a few neighborhoods for your list, and spend time exploring those areas.

Don't stick to a limited time or day and attempt to visit the areas at different times so that you can get a genuine sense of what the neighborhood is like during the rush hour, over weekends, early morning, and so forth.

As mentioned, make sure to find an established real estate agent who knows the market from top to bottom. Once you do, start looking and discovering places in Brooklyn that you can confidently call home sweet home.

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