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Best Long Island Neighborhood for Young Families

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

long island neighborhood

If you're interested in putting down roots, you might want to consider a Long Island neighborhood in New York.

The island offers a diverse range of cultural attractions, historic sites, and top elementary schools, is not far from JFK Airport, and train stations, and has great public schools, pretty beaches, and tons of parks to explore.

New residents will find such great places as Deer Park, John Burns Park, Newbridge Road Park, Massapequa Park, terrific elementary schools, middle schools, private schools, various music venues, and much more to enjoy.

Another major plus is that Long Island isn't too far from Manhattan the center of it all. That means residents of Long Island can take a day trip to Central Park Union Square, and Penn Station, enjoy endless daydining options, dancing options, nightlife options, a healthy arts scene, and Jersey City and see amazing city views and tons of other fantastic options.

In general, most Long Island neighborhoods have a wide range of options so it may be difficult without some insight.


So, when choosing a neighborhood on Long Island, factor in such things as security, access to amenities, cobblestone streets, staying or living near a subway, or close to subway lines, lovely historic homes, park access, nightdining options, daydndung options, and general affordability should all be taken into consideration.

Overall, Long Island is a desirable place to bring up a family, according to a new survey by Niche which ranks some of its communities among the best locations nationally. Long Island offers beautiful homes, endless restaurant options, night dining options, day dining options, nightlife options, and tons of shopping streets to pass away the day.

Top Choice

Niche recently released its rankings for the Best Places to Live in America for 2022, featuring 228 cities as well as the top places to reside in the United States. It utilized data from sources such as the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and millions of resident reviews. Specific parameters taken into consideration included affordability, local housing markets, neighborhood diversity, and characteristics like public schools and walkability.

If you're relocating to Long Island, N.Y., it's worth exploring the residential areas and neighborhood options there since it has so much to offer residents from endless restaurant options, nightlife options, various excellent daydining options with just about any cuisine you can imagine, dancing options, a central subway, other subway stations in and around the area, subway lines to and from everyplace it seems, quick trains to jump aboard, PATH trains and other neighborhood subways to get you to where you need to go.

Be prepared though, Long Island has a population of 7.647 million, and as mentioned has numerous attractions such as beautiful beaches, historical lighthouses, curved streets, luxury apartment buildings, waterfront breweries, park access, premier golf courses, and acclaimed cuisine offering endless restaurant options.

Many families and young professionals are attracted to its proximity to New York City and other boroughs because there's so much to see and do from early morning hours to late at night. Spend a day at the museums with the kids, take in the art scene, visit Greenwich Village, and the East Village, and then get a babysitter so you can check out the bar scene all available via the many NightlifePubic Transporation options.

Where It Is

Long Island is located on the eastern side of New York City, extending more than 118 miles. Its urban environment offers public transportation, delicious food, incredible skyline views, boutique shops, a rich music scene, opera houses, waterfront views, the storied Lincoln Center, waterfront breweries, varied restaurants, shops, parks, and beaches.

Moving further along its shores changes the landscape from luxurious apartments and townhomes near New York City to high-end homes with upscale stores, exceptional eateries, and beautiful beaches.

Long Island offers a range of neighborhoods tailored to different needs, such as family-oriented areas that provide access to top schools and attractions or more affordable locations that are conveniently located close to New York City.

Keep reading to find out which is the best neighborhood for you if you are looking to relocate to the region.

Consider what factors you prioritize when evaluating a new community. Do safety and school quality matter to you? What is your financial plan?

On Long Island, housing prices can vary significantly by neighborhood. What lifestyle would you prefer, suburban or urban?

These are all important questions you should ask yourself before taking the plunge. Here are some of the best Long Island neighborhoods for those with young families.


Massapequa is a community that offers diversity and family-friendly attributes and is a hamlet in the town of Oyster Bay, situated on Long Island.

Massapequa takes its name from a Native American word meaning "great waterland." It has a rural atmosphere with great school districts and is known for its safety. Tourists and residents alike can visit the All-American Hamburger Drive-in, as well as plenty of other restaurants and parks.

Massapequa Cove has a median home value of approximately $659,000, providing an affordable living option for families and young professionals. The area boasts many parks with hiking trails and access to waterfront activities, allowing residents to experience a wide range of outdoor activities.

Some attractions here include Philip Biaggi Healey Beach which provides a public sandy area in Oyster Bay suitable for picnicking, sunbathing, and swimming.

Check out John J Burns Park for a day of fun and adventure from playgrounds to boat launching, it's the perfect spot to be active and explore nature all in one place.

Step back in time with every bite at Massapequa Diner, a vibrant adventure serving up breakfast and comfort classics since 1950.

The population of the area comprises families, young professionals, and retirees who enjoy living in the suburbs with great school districts as well as private school districts.

Massapequa has a lower-than-average crime rate compared to the national average and in the Massapequa area of Long Island, there are housing choices such as single-family homes, townhouses, and condos.

Massapequa has a strong sense of community and is a warm and welcoming place with new school districts as well as private schools. The community of Massapequa is often associated with a sense of pride, and activities such as outdoor walks in parks or beach picnics are popular.

The population stands at 21,531, the average household income is $132,133 and the average home price is $622,500.


Plainview is an ideal destination for families as this neighborhood has attractive homes, nice school districts, a secure atmosphere, and an active real estate market.

Plainview is known for its farming and agricultural production, and cucumbers are grown in the area, supplying Heinz pickle factories. This area provides a safe and peaceful atmosphere that appeals to those seeking serenity in their homes along with nice school districts. This location offers plenty of open spaces and parks for activities.

The population stands at 26,267, the average household income is $156,622, and the average home price stands at $790,000.


Commack offers a range of athletic programs and is in Huntington, Suffolk County, Long Island, a popular destination for athletes due to its parks, sporting facilities, and public spaces like the Long Island Arena. There is a selection of real estate properties available to accommodate various budgets, with the neighborhoods providing secure surroundings, highly-rated school districts, and nearby amenities.

This area has a population of 36,903, the average household income is $144,825, and the median home price is $673,000 but there are other affordable options here.


The city of Huntington is the largest in Suffolk County and it is a popular suburb on Long Island due to its large size and location. The real estate market is strong, with houses being sold quickly and with affordable options. Huntington is safe and offers many features nearby such as Oheka Castle, Heckscher Park, Walt Whitman's Birthplace, Centerport Harbor at sunset, the former Huntington Sewing & Trade School, and the Heckscher Museum of Art.

The population of this area is 201,546, the median household income is $131,519, and the median home price is $807,500.


Islip is a safe and slow-paced area on Long Island and this neighborhood of Long Island is a relatively unknown area with desirable real estate. It is characterized by its attractive housing and welcoming atmosphere. If you are thinking of relocating to this area, there are several factors worth considering.

Islip has attractive homes for everyone, from historic colonials to charming Cape Cod and prices in Islip are competitive compared to other Long Island areas. Therefore, it is a great place to live.

Islip is known for its safety, making it an ideal location for families due to the low crime rate in comparison with other neighborhoods on Long Island.

The population of this area is 330,914, the median household income is $103,629, and the median home price is $520,000.


Smithtown is referred to as "Main Street America" and is located in Long Island's Suffolk County, and has a strong housing market and many recreational opportunities. These include parks, state parks, and beaches such as Short Beach, Long Beach, King's Bluff, and Callahan's Beach.

Residents of Smithtown have a friendly, welcoming demeanor and the community is secure and well-maintained. Homes are varied but possess a unique charm that distinguishes them from others in the neighborhood.

The population of the area is 116,384, the median household income is $129,338, and the median home price is $660,000.

Valley Stream

Valley Stream is a conveniently located area close to Queens and is located in Long Island, making it convenient for commuters due to its proximity to Queens.

The Valley Stream neighborhood offers a variety of housing types, as well as proximity to nature and the city, making it an attractive living option. There are also plenty of daydining options, nightdining options, street art, and more.

The population of Valley Stream is 37,489, the median household income in Valley Stream is $116,746 and the median home price is $595,000.


Merrick is on the South Shore and is also a neighborhood in Long Island that is a popular living area, offering an abundance of housing. Residents enjoy the friendly atmosphere and convenient amenities, such as entertainment and safety. There's also the North Merrick School as well as other North Merrick School Districts for your kids.

The population of the area is 20,594, the median household income is $158,306, and the median home price is $625,000.

Enjoy all sorts of daydining options, nightdining options, street art, nightlife options, and other shopping streets to explore in Merrick.

Stony Brook

Known as a college town, Stony Brook, on Long Island, has a vibrant atmosphere and a diverse community, making it a great option for those looking for a college town with a good real estate market. Additionally, the university in Stony Brook is 25th among public universities, according to many online reports.

The population is 11,785, the median household income is reported to be $122,470 and the median home price is $610,000.

Roslyn Village

Roslyn Village, where you can find affluence and opulence nestled along Long Island's Gold Coast was ranked by Bloomberg as one of the Top 50 wealthiest places to live. Shopping and dining abound with the neighborhood's proximity to bustling New York City. Roslyn Village offers beautiful homes, safe streets, and a vibrant community; making it an attractive place for families and young professionals.

The population here is 2,888, the median household income is $110,029, and the median home price is $1,280,000.


Ronkonkoma, located in Suffolk County on Long Island, has a long history stretching back to the 17th century when it was initially settled by English colonists.

Located in the area is Lake Ronkonkoma, which was a traditional home to Hauntinglytive American tribes. It is additionally famous for being the site of Vanderbilt Motor Parkway, the first paved road for cars.

Ronkonkoma provides a strong real estate market with homes appreciating at a good rate and offers a safe neighborhood with low crime rates and a community feel. There is an array of recreational activities to enjoy in the area.

The population is 18,953, the median household income is $106,434 and the median home price is $495,000.

Great Neck

Great Neck is an area in Long Island, found on its northern shore. It contains nine villages and is deemed an attractive place to reside in New York State, as well as one of the most affluent towns in the U.S. Its amenities include beautiful beaches, impressive schools, parks with lush greenery, and substantial homes.

Experience luxury living in Great Neck with median homes valued at $1.2 million. Whether you're seeking historic charm, contemporary waterfront glamor, or rental options, it's all here.

Popular places in Great Neck include Steppingstone Park which presents stunning views of the water and offers a variety of activities including summer and winter seasons, camps, programs, docks, gardens, picnic areas, playgrounds, pools, spray pads, and boating.

Village Green and Rose Garden offer visitors a chance to observe nature, with its rose garden, butterfly garden, tarred pathways, fountain, gazebo, and children's play area.

Peter Luger Steak House has been a local favorite since 1887 and offers Michelin-star quality dishes in an iconic brick building.

Looking for great outdoor recreation? Head to Kings Point Park where you can play baseball, basketball, or soccer; go for a hike; or picnic and barbecue with friends and family.


The town of Huntington is situated on the Island's North Shore in northwestern Suffolk County and was formerly an agriculture and shipping hub. Currently, it provides suburban living with access to multiple restaurants, shops, art galleries, entertainment venues, and other attractions.

Huntington is characterized by a median home value of approximately $767,000, with many residential properties situated adjacent to the water. Moreover, Downtown Huntington offers a vibrant atmosphere that appeals to locals and tourists alike, with frequent art shows, live music performances, movie screenings, and a diverse selection of local eateries and bars.

Some attractions here include Huntington Beach Pier which is a major place in the town, stretching 1,850 feet and offering activities such as surfing, fishing, and watching sunsets.

Downtown Huntington Beach has a mix of attractions, including beaches, restaurants, stores, and events.

The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is a vibrant oasis of unique flora and fauna, occupying an expansive 1,300 acres.

There's also the hauntingly majestic, Oheka Castle that lies in New York with its gargantuan 127 rooms and 109,000 square feet of land adorned with lush gardens and beauteous landscaping. Explore the majestic grounds or take an extended rest in one of the luxurious hotel rooms. This stunning location has been the backdrop for happy weddings, unforgettable photoshoots, breathtaking television series, and iconic movies.


The North Shore of Long Island, once home to the Algonquin Matinecock tribe for fishing and shellfish harvesting, is now a suburban area with many families living in it. This location boasts easy access to beaches, restaurants, and cafes as well as highly-regarded school districts.

Those looking to settle into a luxurious lifestyle will be thrilled by Manhasset, where grand homes and acreages provide an opportunity to build your dream abode. With its cozy downtown area, nearby parks, amenities, and just a 37-minute ride into the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Manhasset carries an affluence brimming with safety and security making it perfect for families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

Popular places in the area include Whitney Pond Park, a recreational area featuring a pond, pathways, sports venues, and regular activities.

Located in the area, North Hills Country Club offers golf courses as well as facilities such as pools, bowling alleys, tennis courts, grills from the clubhouse, and more. Established in 1927, it has a long history that precedes it.

Americana Manhasset is a shopping mall providing a range of services, including shopping, dining, events, and personal shopping.

The Nassau Country Museum of Art is an indoor and outdoor museum located in Manhasset. It offers a variety of art and cultural exhibits, programs, and a sculpture garden. Inside the museum is a mansion featuring works from all over the world.


Famous personalities, scrumptious Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and so much more can all can be discovered on the scenic South Shore of Long Island.

Merrick is a suburban area that offers easy access to cities such as Manhattan. It has a high rate of home ownership and is predominantly made up of white residents. Additionally, it has plenty of amenities such as restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and golf courses near the water. The school districts are also highly rated.

The median home value in Merrick is approximately $759,000, making it a desirable place to reside due to the proximity to the city, waterfront access, and improved quality of life.

Popular attractions here include the remarkable transformation of Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve -- from landfill to hilltop haven, boasting breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and Long Island.

Step into a world of discovery at the Long Island Children's Museum, featuring 14 interactive exhibits and amazing live performances; so much learning, play, and fun for everyone.

For your outdoor recreation, check out Eisenhower Park offering 930 acres of beautifully landscaped green open spaces to bask in, including a swimming pool, recreational courts, golfing area, picnic spots and so much more. Plus, the park has plenty of exciting events and attractions including a galaxy of aerospace wonders at the Cradle of Aviation Museum featuring discovering captivating exhibits, a planetarium, galleries, and an exciting interactive Space Quest.


Cozy and leafy green, this chic neighborhood feels like a slice of New York's Upper West side but with its unique flavor come and explore its parks, stores, and low crime rates.

Plainview is a vibrant pocket where dreams come true with median home values of around $799 000, a generous median household income of $146,853, and myriad attractions, parks, shops, family, and retiree life are bound to be extraordinary. If you're looking for a suburban vibe without sacrificing convenience, Plainview's the perfect place with plenty of opportunities for home ownership.

Popular attractions include an adventure at Island Rock featuring over 100 climbing routes, a rappel tower, cracking cliffs, and an unforgettable boulder cave. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, get ready for the thrill of a lifetime.

Immerse yourself in American history at the Museum of American Armor exhibits, events, and education are all designed to keep the past alive.

Lose yourself among the lush foliage of Manetto Hills Park, where you can find an array of magnificent hiking and biking routes.

Stony Brook

Experience rural serenity on Long Island's North Shore where Stony Brook boasts the renowned Stony Brook University and Medical Center, plus an abundance of restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and top-notch schools.

Looking for a budget-friendly spot in Long Island? Stony Brook is the place, though there are limited things to do, you'll find public beaches with breathtaking waterfront views, perfect for a leisurely day or romantic picnic. Just be prepared to brave some icy waters!

Popular attractions include stepping into a world of art and history and discovering diverse communities at Long Island Museum filled with exhibits from inspiring artists throughout the year.

Explore Avalon Nature Preserve and witness five distinct habitats full of diverse plants and trails and escape to Sand Street Beach and explore a dreamy landscape of lush forestry, cradled by glistening sandy spots perfect for soaking up some sun or taking a tranquil dip in crystal clear waters. Take an intrepid journey through the region; on foot or by boat!

Let the soulful tunes of jazz take over your world at the Jazz Loft from live performances to educational events, and explore an amazing atmosphere full of music, dancing, and fun.

Don't Settle

Why settle for anything less than Long Island? With its unbeatable quality of life, there's a perfect neighborhood for everyone here. Ready to move to Long Island? Let us help you find the perfect neighborhood and smooth out your relocation – no stress necessary!

Experience the perfect life balance on Long Island with access to stunning parks, beautiful beachfront, delicious restaurants, and cafes, plus easy access to Manhattan. Yes, you can enjoy a better quality of life here with plenty of space, safe neighborhoods, and excellent schools for the kids.

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