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Best Amusement Parks to Visit In Long Island, NY

Looking for a thrill? How about an amusement park in or around Long Island, NY?

These amusement parks on Long Island beat those in San Francisco and Hong Kong, any day and offer a variety of rides and attractions for families seeking fun. Whether you are interested in experiencing the latest rides or revisiting childhood memories, now is the ideal time to plan a visit to these local amusement parks.

Yes, there's more to see in one of the country's most populous cities of New York than Central Park, the Hudson Valley, Playland Park, Orchard Park, Forest Park, Luna Park, Darien Lake, Lazy River Corona Park, CBS New York, Ellis Island, Staten Island Ferry, Lake Placid, Lake Ontario, the Brooklyn Bridge, Citi Field and NYC Off-Broadway Week.

There are also many schools and universities and other educational institutions such as Syracuse University, City University of New York, Fordham University, and Rockefeller University.

For information on enjoying amusement parks and helping your mental health in one of New York's major cities, Long Island, as well as the surrounding areas for more entertainment ideas keep reading.

Long Island Amusement Parks, Rides, and Carousels

Amusement parks provide entertainment for the whole family, offering a variety of rides and attractions. Carousels, in particular, are popular among younger family members, providing a joyful experience with their lively music. Many have thrill rides, gift shops, family rides, and more. Below is a list of amusement parks, rides, and carousels located in Long Island. Some places have limited hours during the winter but are open year-round since New York has an excellent climate classification among continental climates.


Adventureland Amusement Park in Farmingdale was established in 1962 and features a range of thrilling rides including the Hurricane Coaster, Pirate Ship, and Ghost House. Furthermore, there are rides suitable for younger children, such as the Flying Puppies and Kiddie Carousel. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy water rides at the park, including Adventure Falls, which offers a thrilling river descent, and Crocodile Run, where they can stand on a spinning artificial reptile in the water.

No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted. Visitors are advised not to wear open-toed shoes or flip-flops on rides. Admission to the park is free, but fees apply for rides.

Bayville Adventure Park

Bayville Adventure Park offers a variety of exciting attractions such as rock climbing, jungle adventures, bungee bouncing, and more. Additionally, visitors can enjoy rides, miniature golf, an indoor arcade, and other activities. The park is conveniently located across the street from the beach.

During Halloween, the amusement venue transforms into Bayville Scream Park, offering the opportunity to host your child's birthday party.

Boomers! Long Island

Boomers! The family fun center in Medford, Long Island, offers a variety of attractions such as Go Karts, Bumper Boats, Kiddie Rides, a rock wall, batting cages, and miniature golf. It is open year-round, but during the winter, outdoor attractions are closed and the indoor park operates only on weekends and days when schools are closed.


Greenport Antique Carousel

The Greenport Antique Carousel is located in the Glass Carousel Pavilion in Mitchell Park, which overlooks Greenport's harbor. It was built in the 1920s and was donated by the Northrop-Grumman Corp. in 1995.

The carousel is open daily during the summer. During the off-season, it's open on weekends and holidays.

Hempstead Lake State Park Carousel

The vintage carousel, constructed in the early 1900s, was intricately carved by renowned carousel builder M.C. Illions in the distinct Coney Island woodcarving style. It boasts a total of 36 horses and two chariots, and underwent a complete restoration in 2004, preserving its exquisite craftsmanship. The rental of this item is available for a fee for birthday parties and other events. The location is in Hempstead Lake State Park in West Hempstead.

Historic Nunley's Carousel at Museum Row

Built-in 1912 by the Stein and Goldstein Artistic Carousel Co. of Brooklyn, Nunley's Carousel in Garden City has been lovingly restored and boasts 41 horses and one majestic lion. It's a magical venue for a child's birthday party.

Splish Splash Water Park

The Travel Channel had good reasons to name Splish Splash in Calverton one of the Top 10 Water Parks in the U.S. Open from Memorial Day until Labor Day, the water park features thrilling rides that include Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror, where you and the kids can catapult down a 40-foot drop, soar high and complete 360-degree spins...all in complete darkness!

Children can also enjoy various rides at the amusement park, such as rafts racing down an enclosed tube at Alien Invasion, an 80-foot speed slide at Barrier Reef, and a double tube ride at Dragon's Den.

Season passes are available for those who wish to visit more than once during the summer.

The Great Escape

The amusement park, originally called Storytown before being acquired by Six Flags, offers a variety of thrill rides, not just roller coasters. Some popular rides include The Sasquatch freefall and The Condor spinning sky-ride. The park also features two water parks: Splashwater Kingdom, an outdoor park, and White Water Bay, an indoor water park located in the lodge across the street from the main park.

Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce is a family theme park located on the edge of the lake. The park offers a variety of thrill and gentle rides, with its most well-known attraction being The Wildcat, a roller coaster that has been around for 91 years. The park offers a kids' show called Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Day, where the mascots share stories and teach valuable lessons. A water park is located on the beach of the lake, offering a wave pool and water slides.

Santa's Village

Santa's Village is open from May to December and offers a range of attractions and rides for kids, including bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, and The Great Humbug Adventure. Additionally, they have a water park that adds a summer touch to the holiday atmosphere. Additionally, there are performances featuring a variety of winter-themed characters.

Splish Splash

If you are seeking a water park in the vicinity, consider Splish Splash. The park offers a range of water attractions, including pools for relaxation and thrilling water slides. The park is celebrating its 28th year in operation and has recently introduced two new thrill rides: Riptide Racer, a racing mat slide, and Bombs Away, a launching duel slide.

Hershey Park

The theme park is the official park of the classic candy company. It offers a variety of notable rides, such as Laff Track, which is the first indoor roller coaster in the United States that spins and glows. Additionally, Hershey has recently introduced a new attraction called Breaking Edge Water Coaster, which combines the excitement of a coaster with the twists and turns of a water slide.

Apart from the various rides and shows in the vicinity, visitors have the opportunity to explore Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction, where they can experience a tour of the delectable world of Hershey's chocolate. Additionally, they can also visit The Hershey Story, a museum that focuses on the company's history.

Six Flags Great Adventure

The largest theme park in the world, Great Adventure, is located around 100 miles from Long Island. It offers a variety of high-flying thrill rides, including nationally-ranked coasters El Toro and Nitro. Additionally, Great Adventure features a 350-acre Safari animal park that can be explored through guided tours. Visitors will also find a wide range of dining options, offering cuisines from various cultures, whether they are looking for a snack or a full meal.

Mountain Creek Waterpark

The water park at Mountain Creek in New Jersey is unique because it is located on the grounds of a ski resort in the middle of the woods. Unlike most amusement parks, Mountain Creek has designed its rides to blend in with the surrounding nature rather than tearing down the forest. The park also features a white water rafting ride called Colorado River, which takes visitors through 1,600 feet of scattered waterfalls.

Get Going

Long Island and its surrounding areas offer a variety of amusement parks and theme parks that can provide an enjoyable vacation for families. There are many options available for leisurely walks along the boardwalk or thrilling rides on roller coasters in Long Island and the area. It is hoped that you have the opportunity to visit all of the top theme parks and amusement parks in this great North American city listed above.

Also, do take time once you have visited all the amusement parks to see other parks and recreation being offered in Nassau County, Kings County, Richmond County, see a national football league game, major league baseball, a national hockey league game, or major league soccer.

Don't forget New York in North America also has some of the greatest museums and other attractions to immerse yourself in including Downtown Brooklyn, Hudson River, East Rutherford, Flushing Meadows, Upstate New York, York City any of the National Park Service areas, or any of the diverse American community neighborhoods as well as Lati America and Native American areas.

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