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21 Best Parks in Long Island to Take the Kids

For those looking to keep their kids happy this spring and into summer, Long Island is a playground paradise for families of all sizes. It has places to discover for frolicking and playing all amidst an abundance of greenery and endless entertainment in the warmer months ahead.

So, get ready for some grand outdoor adventures to enjoy biking trails, baseball fields, other ball fields, swings, slides, and climbing like never before because these playgrounds are not your average jungle gym. No, they're destination-worthy and offer endless family fun for kids of all ages. Let your kids' imaginations run wild at these magical play spaces.

Keep in mind some parks may have residency requirements and it's recommended to check before visiting. State parks are open to everyone.

1. Roslyn's Christopher Morley Park

Christopher Morley has a range of attributes and achievements and the park in Roslyn has available facilities consisting of tennis courts, three swimming pools, an ice rink, a dog park, and a sizable playground. The playground has tree coverage and is free of charge, however, there is an extra cost to use the pool. Furthermore, there are several play structures tailored to different age groups and a pair of swing sets. The surface is intended to reduce the impact of falls, thus minimizing the risk of scraped knees. During the summer season, visitors can enjoy the spray ground and children's pool for a refreshing break. Additionally, a farmer's market is available for browsing from mid-May to late November. Explore the various recreational activities offered at Christopher Morley for lots of fun.

2. Long Beach's Clark Street Playground

Prepare to enjoy a playground with a variety of activities and amazing outdoor views and beautiful scenery. The park has three different sections for visitors to take in. The area designed for older children has a variety of features, including bridges, slides, and a rock-climbing wall. Additionally, there is a distinctive Web structure for climbing. This is an ideal environment for spiders. The section designed for young children features tunnels, small slides, and dinosaur structures for climbing. Additionally, there are further options available like the splash pad featuring sprinklers and sprinkler rings that create a fun water experience for children.

3. Eisenhower Park in East Meadow

Looking for an epic adventure-packed day? Look no further! This green oasis amidst the concrete jungle can be found at Eisenhower Park - the perfect spot for a breath of fresh air. Discover a world of adventure and entertainment for the whole family at the sprawling 930-acre park in central Nassau. Come on down and experience the ultimate playground paradise with not one, not two, but three sections to choose from, including a refreshing sprinkler pool for those scorching summer days. And if that's not enough, the recently upgraded main playground has a super cool climbing structure and swings for maximum fun. Discover endless possibilities for fun and relaxation at Eisenhower Park your one-stop destination for a wide range of activities and top-notch amenities. Experience a sports lover's paradise with top-notch facilities featuring athletic fields, basketball courts, batting cages, and refreshing swimming opportunities. Get your sweat on with the epic fitness trail boasting 20 stations for the ultimate workout experience. There are three 18-hole courses and a mini-golf course available for golfers to choose from, depending on their preference for a more relaxed game. Additionally, picnicking is also an option. Come one, come all to the perfect picnic spot. Whether you're bringing the whole family or planning a romantic rendezvous, this space has got you covered with reserved and non-reserved areas. And don't forget to check out the "Let All the Children Play" playground, built with inclusivity in mind for kids of all abilities. It's even wheelchair accessible. Wrap up your day in style at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre, where the summer fun never ends. Groove to live concerts, enjoy thrilling events, and catch blockbuster movies under the stars; it's the ultimate entertainment experience.

4. Garvies Point Playground in Glen Cove

The playground is separated into two areas designed for different age groups, accommodating both younger and older children. The play areas for children feature smaller structures that are designed with safety in mind for climbing and exploration. The designated area for older children offers a slide that spans multiple levels, along with a climbing sail, and ropes for climbing and spinning discs. The grounds are spacious, providing visitors with opportunities for picnicking and sitting on benches. It is advisable to wear sunscreen due to the limited amount of shade available.

5. Newbridge Road Park in Bellmore

Newbridge Road Park has undergone a renovation and now offers a variety of activities. Experience a range of activities such as climbing structures and obstacle courses, and provide a safe play area for toddlers and preschoolers. Behold the magnificent transformation and brace yourself for a burst of excitement. Get ready for an exciting summer in 2023, but that's not all — it's adding an indoor ice rink, a pool, and a spray park for even more fun in the sun (or shade!).

6. Wantagh Park in Wantagh

Wantagh Park features over 111 acres of outdoor recreation, including sizeable playgrounds and swing areas, making it a great destination for families. Wantagh Park features various types of swings, including those for toddlers and standard ones, and the playgrounds are categorized by age groups. Additionally, there are numerous slides. During the summer, visitors can enjoy the spray park to refresh themselves after using the playgrounds.

7. Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park in Oyster Bay

Come play at Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park, where you'll find not one, not two, but three playgrounds and swing sets. There are options for everyone, and getting to the fun is easy with ladders and stairs. The park's boundary boasts a sturdy shield, fortifying the little ones as they frolic and play without a care in the world. Discover the ultimate beach getaway nestled within the park — an access point to sun, sand, and sea. Learn about the secrets of one of the greatest leaders in history at the Roosevelt Memorial Rocks, where stories of his life and legacy come to life before your very eyes. Unleash your inner athlete and channel your energy on the handball courts, designated paths for skaters and bikers, and a spacious play area — all for your enjoyment.

Suffolk County's Playgrounds

8. Adventure Playground in Wheatley Heights

Hey there, little explorers: Are you ready to unleash your inner adventurer? Look no further than the Adventure Playground at The Adventure Park at Long Island. This mini-version of the thrilling tree and ropes courses is tailor-made for kids ages 3 to 6. Soar through the sky on a zip line, test your balance on a wooden bridge, crawl through tunnels like a true explorer, and swing on a rope swing like Tarzan. And let's not forget the amazing birthday party packages that will make your celebration unforgettable. Come join the fun and let your kids' imaginations run wild.

9. Corey Beach Park in Blue Point

The Town of Brookhaven facility is great for families in the spring and summer. It has a beachfront location, a large sandbox, and a playground with sea-themed equipment. There are also climbing structures like a wire climb, rock-climbing wall, ladders, and stairs for kids to climb. Visitors can take advantage of a cozy cabin and benches with sun-blocking screens throughout the park for protection from the elements.

10. Diamond in the Pines in Coram

The location of the park and playground is on Route 112, north of Route 83. The location provides several facilities, including a playground, basketball courts, sports fields, and covered picnic areas that can be rented. The playground is located in an area with ample space and security measures in place. The play structure features more than one slide. Individuals of various statures can engage in climbing endeavors featuring walls of different elevations. The playground area has interactive features, including games and modified musical instruments for children. Restrooms and a large parking lot are located nearby, with no parking fee required.

11. Harborfields Community Playground in Greenlawn

The Harborfields Community Playground at Pickle Park provides recreational opportunities for children with a range of physical abilities. The location of playground is situated at the back of the Harborfields Public Library in Pickle Park. The playground features equipment such as slides, swings, climbers, and a rocker that is accessible for wheelchairs. The design includes surfaces that have cushions and rubber. It also has ramps for wheelchairs and accommodations for children with sensory sensitivities.

12. Heckscher Park in Huntington

Step right up to Heckscher Park, where the playgrounds are jam-packed with jungle gyms, slides, swing sets, and a sandbox — all with soft surfaces and enclosed by gated fences. Picnic tables are just a hop, skip, and a jump away, with restrooms conveniently located nearby. Take a stroll on the paved trail, where you can spot some wildlife before soaring to new heights on the swings.

13. Heckscher State Park in East Islip

The state park features four playgrounds near the Great South Bay, each designed for a specific age group. The equipment such as tall slides, climbing walls, and spiral ladders are designed for older children. Restrooms and picnic areas are available nearby for visitors seeking additional outdoor amenities. The playground at Field 3 is designated for use by those hosting events at the nearby pavilion and is the smallest of all playgrounds.

14. Heritage Park in Mount Sinai

Let your little explorers loose at Heritage Park's not one, but two playgrounds — the ultimate adventure awaits. Step into a world of wonder where little ones up to age 5 can climb, play, and explore in this playground, complete with structures that are sure to delight and captivate their imaginations. Get ready for some serious fun. This playground is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers, boasting a towering rock wall and a variety of heart-pounding slides. Amidst the hustle and bustle of break time, scattered benches and tables offer a cozy oasis for parents to kick back and take a breather. No matter what your taste buds crave, Heritage has got you covered with a smorgasbord of options to tantalize your senses. Play your heart out on the top-notch sports fields or take a scenic stroll or bike ride on fabulous trails. The Heritage Center is the party hotspot for classes, festivals, film nights, and private shindigs. Don't miss out on creating unforgettable memories and get ready for some serious fun in the sun with amazing amenities, which include a splash park to cool off in and a tasty concession stand to satisfy your cravings.

15. Phelps Lane Park in North Babylon

Recent enhancements to Phelps Lane Park have made the playground a wonderful venue that is designed with your child's safety in mind, featuring sturdy fencing, an open play space with unobstructed views, and a plush, cushioned surface to land on. Get your little ones soaring through the air with swing sets perfect for toddlers and older kids alike, providing endless entertainment right in your backyard. Get ready for endless fun at the park. Picnic areas, junior softball fields, tennis and basketball courts, football and soccer fields, and a refreshing swimming facility, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Stay connected with the world even while surrounded by nature — this park offers Wi-Fi for all visitors.

16. Northport Village Park in Northport

The park can be found in Northport village and includes a playground and open field ideal for picnics. The location offers amenities for gatherings, including a playground and favorable weather. In the vicinity, there are also options for refreshments such as ice cream shops and a bakery.

17. Rocketship Park in Port Jefferson

Escape the hustle and bustle of Port Jefferson Village and blast off into outer space at the park with a rocket ship playset and slides that'll make their heart race, it's the perfect place to let your little ones' imaginations soar. And for the older kids, there's a spinning climber and basketball courts that'll keep them entertained for hours. Just remember to bring some change for parking — this park is a blast, but it's not free.

18. Sunken Meadow State Park in Kings Park

Step into a world of endless adventure at this state park, where multiple playgrounds await your little ones. The grandest of them all can be found on the east side of Parking Field 1, boasting a sandy digging area and a majestic stone turtle just waiting to be climbed. It includes a sand area for digging and a stone turtle for climbing. A magnificent playground awaits the little ones in preschool and elementary school, boasting ample space and a delightful array of ramps, slides, and climbing structures. The other section has a big metal container for climbing and playing creatively. The location is convenient for beach, boardwalk, and picnics.

19. Tanner Park in Copiague

The playground provides diverse activities that are appropriate for kids of varying ages and capabilities. The playground offers a range of structures including tunnels, climbing structures, swings for younger children, and a metal and rope climbing structure for older children. Tanner Park offers interactive features at wheelchair-accessible heights and a spray park for wheelchair users. Other amenities include a playground, beach, restaurant, skate park, and basketball courts, making it a full-day destination.

20. Orient Beach State Park in Orient

Ahoy! Set sail for adventure at Orient Beach State Park's playground. This beloved North Fork hotspot boasts not one, not two, but three playsets and a swing set for your little ones to explore. Watch as they navigate a boat, crawl through a fish, and climb to the top of the play structure for breathtaking views of Gardiners Bay. But that's not all — the ultimate playground paradise also features a magnificent sandbox perfect for unleashing your child's inner archaeologist and digging for buried treasure. Get ready to make unforgettable memories at this seaside wonderland. Experience a delightful picnic spread in the shade of a picturesque pavilion just a stone's throw away.

21. Red Creek Park in Hampton Bays

Red Creek Park, located in the Town of Southampton, features two playgrounds with playsets designed for different age ranges. The playground is equipped with two sets, with one specifically designed for older children and the other for younger ones. The park offers five slides suitable for children of varying ages, as well as recreational activities including a skate park, volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts. In addition, there are two large playgrounds and plenty of shaded areas available. Restrooms are situated near the play area for convenience.

Get Busy

With so many parks and play areas for kids you'll be busy for weeks and so will they! Enjoy the Great Outdoors and spend time with friends, family, and kids at any of these wonderful venues.

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